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Pre-Purchase exam FAQ’s

Pre-Purchase Exam FAQ's   1) What is a Pre-purchase Exam?  A pre-purchase exam (also called a vet check or PPE) is a full 5 stage clinical examination by a registered veterinarian of a horse for sale, performed on behalf of the person purchasing the horse. It involves a full check over and examination at rest, including

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Arboviruses in horses

Arboviruses in horses – a potential concern with all this rain! With all the recent rain we have been getting in Victoria the number of mosquitoes around has also increased. Unfortunately mosquitoes can be involved in the transmission cycle of certain viruses called Arboviruses whereby disease can be transferred to horses (and other species /

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Equine Gastroscope Day

Dr Kim and Dr Olivia had a great time at our equine gastroscope day at Cavalli Park. All horses were perfectly fasted thanks to Paul and Michelle’s excellent care and facilities and were also very good patients. We saw lots of different stomach ulcers and pathology with treatment ranging from exercise and diet change to

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All wired up!

All wired up! Bonnie came to Yarra Ranges Animal Hospital after visiting her regular vet and being diagnosed with a foreign body in her oesophagus. Bonnie was admitted to hospital where we took a radiograph to confirm the object was still stuck in her oesophagus. Oesophageal foreign bodies can be quite tricky to remove. Bonnie

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Welcome Dr. Chris Heislers

Meet Dr. Chris Heislers! We're luckily enough to have Chris with his extensive experience and expertise now working regularly with the Yarra Ranges Animal Hospital team! Chris graduated his Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree with honours from the University of Melbourne. His first job was in NE Victoria for 3 years in a large mixed horse,

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