Dr Kim and Dr Olivia had a great time at our equine gastroscope day at Cavalli Park. All horses were perfectly fasted thanks to Paul and Michelle’s excellent care and facilities and were also very good patients. We saw lots of different stomach ulcers and pathology with treatment ranging from exercise and diet change to ulcer medications, and also horses with perfect stomachs and no treatment needed. Thankyou to Alex from Randlab. We will be holding our next day on 27/7 so stay tuned.

Gastric ulcers are a relatively common problem seen in horses.  Signs your horse may be suffering from  gastric ulcers can include poor performance, weight loss and appetite loss, behavioural changes, and poor hair coat. The only way to definitively diagnose gastric ulcers and determine the extent and location of the damage to the gastric mucosa is to perform an equine gastroscope where we pass a camera into the stomach. We can then develop an individual treatment plan to suit your horses needs.

Gastroscope day