Breeding & Reproduction

Yarra Ranges Animal Hospital has extensive experience in assisted breeding technology since 1983 for dogs, cats and horses.

This includes the use of frozen semen and all aspects of pregnancy of the bitch, queen and mare. Our frozen semen is stored in liquid nitrogen tanks and we have some semen that has been stored successfully since 1983.

Our reproductive services include:

Our reproductive services include:

  • Collecting, analysing and storing the semen of dogs

  • Artificial insemination using either frozen or fresh semen of all species

  • Pre-mating checks and advice inluding follicle testing of mares- see our Equine Reproduction page

  • Pregnancy ultrasound diagnosis

  • Pregnancy advice– how to best care for your dam

  • Caesarian surgery
  • Whelping, queening and foaling advice

  • Post Partum advice and information

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