Vaccinations – Tetanus & Strangles

The “2in1” vaccination is the routine vaccination that should be given yearly after the initial course is completed. The vaccine protects against two bacterial diseases, Tetanus and Strangles.

  • Strangles is a highly contagious upper respiratory tract infection that can be very serious and in some cases fatal.
  • Tetanus is an infection with a toxin producing bacteria. As the tetanus bacteria is found in soil and the environment, it is a common contaminant of wounds. Horses do not need to leave the property or even have contact with other horses to contract tetanus and it is fatal in over 80% of cases.

If you are not sure whether your horse is up to date with their vaccinations please contact us and talk to one of our experienced vets.

Please see our Owner’s Handout for more information on Tetanus vaccination:

  • For information about Hendra vaccinations, please click here.


Horses can be affected by a number of different intestinal worms which can be managed by good and effective parasite control. Horse wormers come in paste form and is given orally. To ensure your horse is protected, use a good quality wormer and follow the worming schedule given on the product. As a supplement to ensure adequate protection we perform Faecal Egg Counts on faeces from your horse. By doing so we can detect the extent of worm burden and whether you are using an effective product for those types of worms.A heavy worm burden may cause disease and signs include weight loss, colic, itchy back ends and depression.

Please contact us for more information about worming products or to book an appointment with one of our vets for a worming work up.

Please see our Owner’s Handout for more information on horse worming:

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