At Yarra Ranges Animal Hospital we are fully equipped with dental equipment for small animals and horses.

Dental disease in dogs and cats are one of the most common diseases. There are many factors that predispose animals to periodontal disease such as the type of diet we feed our pets, tooth overcrowding, mouth breathing and the fact that most of us don’t brush our pets’ teeth. There may also be a genetic predisposition in some animals too. Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria accumulates on the teeth leading to plaque or tartar. As this progresses it cause inflammation of the gums and can lead to infections. Severe periodontal disease cause tooth loss and risk of severe disease.

To treat periodontal disease your pet needs a dental clean; scale and polish, just as we do when we go to the dentist. This requires a general anaesthetic in dogs and cats to properly assess the teeth and thoroughly and safely clean all surfaces including beneath the gumline . We use an ultrasonic scaler to remove dental tartar and ensure cleaning of the gumlines. Our clinic is equipped with dental radiography which we can use to assess the health of the teeth roots. Some patients may require tooth extractions if the periodontal disease is severe.

To book your pet in for a dental exam please contact the clinic.

Please see our Dental Handouts for more information:

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